Current Projects


Following the success recorded in the Western Indian Ocean in the domain of training in the maritime field, EU CRIMARIO will continue working with the existing training facilities available in the region, to develop the culture of Maritime Situational Awareness and improve the inter-agency approach. Namely, the coordination mechanism, already in place and coordinated by the DRTC (Djibouti Regional Maritime Training Centre), will contribute to the definition of specific training needs and optimising the training offered. EU CRIMARIO aims to include the academic perspective available today...

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WMU has successfully participated in a number of research calls within the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme.  Within the MARIE CURIE programme, the four-year research project MARE-WINT has passed the evaluation process and will be funded by the EU. The project started on 1 October 2012, and will be carried out by the MaRiSa (Maritime Risk and Safety) research group, led by WMU Associate Professor, Dr Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs.

MARE-WINT -New MAterials and REliability in offshore WINd Turbines technology- is an Initial Training Network project under the...

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SAFEPEC -Innovative risk-based tools for ship safety inspection- project aims to promote proactive safety and develop a ‘unified risk-based framework’ built upon the analysis of historical data of casualties, near miss cases, deficiencies and non-conformities that are detected by various types of inspections. Another outcome of the project is a software prototype that enables the interoperability and coherent interpretation of those data sources; and can contribute to the early detection of failure, either in the ship structure or its equipment. Workshops and other engagement activities...

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