The European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci (LDV) Programme is established to fund practical projects in the field of vocational education and training. The Initiative of DG Education and Culture includes activities from providing individuals with work-related training abroad to large-scale co-operation efforts. METPROM - Modular Enhanced Training Programme for European Maritime Security Personnel (METPROM) – is one of the latest projects (started on 1stOctober) running under the LDV – program. The 24-month-project is intended to develop and transfer innovations for maritime security training and simulation based modules to fill security gaps in increasingly complex operational activities in ports which are vital for the timely conduct of shipping and support more than 90 % of world trade.

METPROM is also intended to bring EU wide standards to the port security procedures e.g. through standardized and harmonized training programs in partner countries. New courses are planned under the project including a new course in port security incorporating novel, simulation-based modules utilizing game-based technology, 3D models, and adaptation of an e-learning platform with assessment facilities.

The project's coordinator is Piri Reis University Istanbul, Turkey. Seven core-partners for the project are key training and education institutions and organizations from Turkey, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. The total project budget is almost € 400.00 (392.491,00) with a total community grant of € 300.000 (294.368,00) of which WMU will receive € 50.000,00 (€ 49472).

WMU is involved in all work packages (WP) and responsible leader of the work package on "Development of innovative training environment concept". In this WP WMU will perform analysis of the existing training materials and the consolidation of findings to design and develop training module contents. The Principal investigator at WMU is Associate Professor Michael Baldauf.

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