The project ADOPTMAN - ADvanced Planning for OPTimised Conduction of Coordinated MANoeuvres in Emergency Situations - belongs to the European 7th framework based MARTEC call for collaborative research projects. It is a three years Swedish-German project under the leadership of World Maritime University, Research Group Maritime Risk Governance. The involved partners are SSPA AB Göteborg and Stena Line Scandinavia AB as well as from Germany Marinesoft GmbH, Hochschule Wismar, Maritime Simulation Centre Warnemünde and the Institute for Ship’s Safety.

The overall financial volume of this simulation-based project is € 1,3 Mio, whereof around € 350.000 are raised as sponsored from the industrial partners. The proportion of WMU is 200 k€. The project addresses the problem area of safety of life at sea and is to contribute to reduce the existing deficit of insufficient assistance of the bridge team in safety critical situations especially in case of a person overboard accident and in case of search and rescue actions. The project’s vision is to provide the bridge team in case of emergency with immediate and helpful information to successful manage the situation in a safe and efficient manner.

If an Person over Board alarm is triggered not only the position of the accident should be marked on the screen of an integrated Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) but also the necessary track of the manoeuvre with the specific situation-dependent commands of the automatically selected and adapted plan of the return manoeuvre should be recommended by the module. The work within the project is dedicated to form the basis for potential further development of a maritime safety assistance tool as potential standard add-on for integrated navigation and integrated bridge systems. On the other hand the project results will have the potential to develop commercial products for training institutions.