Completed Project


The WMU-led research project, TeamSafety, aims to develop an innovative 3D virtual team-training maritime safety simulation platform to meet the latest EU safety requirements for sea and seafarers' emergency response training. TeamSafety is carried out in partnership with the Nautical Institute (UK), the Danish Innovation Institute, PERA (U.K.), and Unity Studios of Denmark, along with commercial MET providers, Ask Safety of Norway, the Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre and Sea & Shore Safety Services Ltd. of Ireland. It falls under the EU's Specific Programme, CAPACITIES, part of the...

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The European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci (LDV) Programme is established to fund practical projects in the field of vocational education and training. The Initiative of DG Education and Culture includes activities from providing individuals with work-related training abroad to large-scale co-operation efforts. METPROM - Modular Enhanced Training Programme for European Maritime Security Personnel (METPROM) – is one of the latest projects (started on 1stOctober) running under the LDV – program. The 24-month-project is intended to develop and transfer innovations for maritime security...

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ProGreen Ship Operation


The World Maritime University is actively contributing to safer shipping in greener oceans. One of the activities of WMU's Maritime Risk and Systems Safety (MaRiSa) Research Group is an ambitious international collaborative project on the development of a simulation-based training module to promote green energy-efficient ship operation (ProGreenShipOperation I and II). It is one of IAMU's 2011-2013 capacity-building projects, supported by the Nippon Foundation, and is led and coordinated by WMU.

Within the first project period from July 2011 to January 2012, extensive...

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The project ADOPTMAN - ADvanced Planning for OPTimised Conduction of Coordinated MANoeuvres in Emergency Situations - belongs to the European 7th framework based MARTEC call for collaborative research projects. It is a three years Swedish-German project under the leadership of World Maritime University, Research Group Maritime Risk Governance. The involved partners are SSPA AB Göteborg and Stena Line Scandinavia AB as well as from Germany Marinesoft GmbH, Hochschule Wismar, Maritime Simulation Centre Warnemünde and the Institute for Ship’s Safety.

The overall financial volume of this...

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The ACCSEAS - Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability -  research project addresses improved maritime access to the NSR by developing and implementing e-Navigation within a transnational framework.  A North Sea e-Navigation test-bed will be established to demonstrate proof-of-concept solutions.

ACCSEAS enables service providers, researchers and suppliers to develop e-Navigation regional services and to prototype novel marine navigation and communication concepts.

ACCSEAS provides the basis for allevaition of congestion, bottlenecks and...

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WMU has successfully participated in a number of research calls within the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme. Under the call for "Human element factors in shipping safety", funding has been approved for the three-year project, CyClaDes, which started on 1 October 2012, and will be carried out by the MaRiSa (Maritime Risk and Safety) research group, led by WMU Associate Professor, Dr Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs.

WMU is a major partner and work-package leader inCyClaDes- "Crew-centred Design and operations of ships and ship systems". Under the leadership of the German...

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